Eduard Anton
Based in Hamburg, Germany

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July 1, 2014

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super ccatch is about one simple rule: catch your color and avoid the others.


super ccatch is the rebuild iOS version of my browser game ccatch which was my first game. Back then, in 2012, I was inspired by Terry Cavanaghs fast-paced Super Hexagon. I sat down and learned my first lines of code in Game Maker Studio and I tried to create a similar challenge. ccatch became a minimalistic experiment. Keep it small, I said to myself. I always had Tetris in my mind. Falling blocks and an ascending level structure seemed to be a good fit for a small arcade game. After several versions of my browser game with over 12.000 play sessions and first let’s play videos of fans and great reviews I was eager to get the game on the App Store. Right from the beginning ccatch was meant to be played on touch screens – and you could, since it was made in HTML5. I sat down again and started to make the iOS version. Game Maker Studio helped a lot but the small game still became huge for one person who didn’t program or make games before. But after many moons alongside studies and working I finished super ccatch and I want to make more games and gain more experience.


  • Made for fans of reaction games and high score hunters.
  • Enjoy seven tracks of great chiptune music by sombreronegro.
  • Share your high scores on Game Center and compete with your friends and players all around the globe.


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Selected Articles

  • "A fast and furious game that makes no apologies for dedicating itself fully to one quick and simple mode. Super Ccatch is the master of its very tiny niche "
    - Spanner Spencer, pocketgamer.co.uk
  • "I feel like I shouldn't really be condoning the use of super ccatch since it seems to have the potential to cause damage to your eyes, ears, mind, and body. However, the game has such a grip over me that I'd be lying if I said you won't enjoy it. You'll love it. Just be careful, and try the best to play responsibly! "
    - James Thornton, softonic.com
  • "If you’re like a lot of us here at AppAdvice who enjoy endless arcade games that call for quick reflexes, you’ll have a blast playing super ccatch. The game’s intense pace and arcade-like graphics, sounds, and music make it exciting and uplifting to play."
    - Daniel Celeste, appadvice.com
  • "A fast and furious game that makes no apologies for dedicating itself fully to one quick and simple mode. Super Ccatch is the master of its very tiny niche"
    - Spanner Spencer, pocketgamer.co.uk
  • "I’ve played ccatch over and over and over, and I’m still in love with its slick style and solid, ingenious game mechanics. Don’t miss this one."
    - Paul Hack, indiegames.com

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Available for “pay what you want” from sombreronegro.bandcamp.com.

classic ccatch
Play classic ccatch for free on gamejolt.com.

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One guy who makes games for fun. Maybe for a living. Sometime.

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Eduard Anton
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Yuli Rahmadiansyah

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